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Oddmatics is a site run by me, rozza, in places you might know me as 'rozniak' which is my alternate moniker if 'rozza' is already taken (most of the time it probably will be).

This site, and Oddmatics as a whole, is a place to host and share the work I do. My main interest is in game programming, and things related to that, building tools etc. I also do a bit of web-work too; this site was designed and written up entirely by me.

The blog on the front page is where I write about how and where I'm going on current projects. I like to talk friendly, so that'll explain my quite informal posts, and yes, that absolutely does extend into my work (games shouldn't really be boring after all).

The name 'rozza' is just a little nick given to me by a friend, it's stuck since then and I quite like it. My real name is Rory, so if you wondered whether it was short for anything... it isn't, it's just cooler sounding than my real name, somehow.

The name 'oddmatics' comes from my older username 'OddMan360' (aka a 10-year-old combining things to make a username) and the suffix '-matics'. Like 'rozza', it sounded cool to me, so it stayed. You can probably guess my design-ethic at this point.

My desire to make games comes from growing up playing a lot of them and being quite critical (read: picky) of what I like and/or don't like about certain games. I'm quite tied to a few games, I'm not one for playing the newest-everything, it's just whatever I enjoy.

I can't hardly list my favourite games here, there's too many (that and I don't like making top-x lists), but I can say a lot of my favourite games are mostly racers and shooters. Maybe I'll make a list at some point.

My other projects like the tools I occasionally do and websites I sometimes make are just little fun things I found to enjoy.... and compared to making games, the results are usually pretty rapid and motivating, which adds up to the enjoyment.

My favourite colour is yellow, and I like to have a completely unnecessary amount of PG-Tips monkeys on my desk.

...and there's quite a bit of old tech in my room that I sometimes play around with. I do use an ancient keyboard and mouse on my main PC though, but that's more because I don't feel like buying new ones, and they do the job.